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Hank's Seasonal Caramel Apple Cream Soda

Hank's Seasonal Caramel Apple Cream Soda

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12/12 oz glass bottles. Caramel Apple combines a just-right juicy, tart apple bite with the smooth body of toffee and hints of golden butter rum. It brings back memories of trips to the Farmer’s Market or local fair, where you could smell that buttery, caramel aroma in the air, even before you saw the glistening apples on-a-stick. Tart, sweet and creamy all at once, it makes a surprisingly tasty soda like you’ve never tried before. You’ll be amazed at the delicious blend of flavors we’ve managed to cram into each bottle.


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Our wide array of amazing flavors are the richest, smoothest, creamiest sodas you’ll ever taste. From our original Hank’s Philadelphia root beer to our latest popular soda, Irish Golden Ginger Ale, we strive to provide our fans an unparalleled taste experience.